Walking Tours in Riga and Jurmala

Riga Art Nouveau building facade by architect Mikhail Eisenstein with sculptures of human faces and a peacock

About Latvia Free Tours

Riga free walking tour guide Philip Birzulis with a group of five smiling tourists
Philip (the hefty bloke in the middle) with some happy travelers

My name is Philip Birzulis. I'm a tour guide in Latvia's beautiful capital Riga and its world-famous seaside resort Jurmala.

In my Old Riga and Central Market Free Tour and Grand Riga Art Nouveau Free Tour (with a donation to the guide) and personally tailored tours, I share my passion for this fascinating Baltic country with people from around the world. My tours in Latvia are informative and fun, rich in history and legends, with some music and art thrown in for added spice. I keep my groups small, with a maximum 15 people, so everyone can enjoy the experience to the full.

Read some more about me and let me be your guide in Latvia! 

Excursions by car in Latvia

Blue Opel Zafira car with a yellow canola field and a tree in the background
Road trip!

I can drive you to fascinating sights in Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale and greater Riga!!

Interior of Opel Zafira car with six passenger seats
Space galore

My car is a beautiful, blue, seven-seat Opel Zafira. There's a huge trunk for your luggage, or an extra two pop-up seats can be added. So there's plenty of room for six guests plus me behind the wheel.

Tours in Latvia


St Peter's Church and House of Blackheads in Old Riga
Old Riga charm

Discover Riga's amazing  Old Town and market in one enthralling tour.


Aerial shot of Turaida Castle and forests of Gauja National Park, Latvia
Scenic history in Sigulda

Spend a fascinating day in Sigulda, a wonderland of stunning scenery, castles, and extreme sports.

Grand Riga Art Nouveau Free Tour

White stone sculpture of a sphinx in Riga's Art Nouveau district
Riddle of the sphinx

Savour Riga's amazing Art Nouveau heritage on this journey into beauty and mystery.


Girl with long hair whispering into the ear of a white bust of Lenin
The Lenin Whisperer

Delve into Riga's recent past on an expedition to KGB HQ, Stalin's Birthday Cake and more red relics.

jurmala full day tour

White Kemeri Sanatorium building and green lawn
Kemeri Sanatorium

Enjoy healing springs, meadow-foraged foods, historic fishing boats and more on a Jurmala daytrip.


Wooden gate at Sabile Wine Hill
Sabile Wine Hill

Get a taste of western  Latvia with organic honey, lunch at an ancient manor and record-breaking wine.

Useful Latvia info


riga beer history

Riga panorama with glass of beer in foreground

THE Riga black balsam story

latvia's first song festival