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Riga free walking tour guide Philip Birzulis with sphinx sculpture with snow on its head
Yours truly with a wintry Art Nouveu creature

My name is Philip Birzulis, and I love showing people around Latvia!


My family hails from this beautiful Baltic country, but they left to escape war and communism. So I grew up in a Latvian family in Australia, doing folk dancing and choir singing and enjoying my mum's piparkūkas (gingerbread) and pīrāgi (bacon buns).


After finishing a history degree, I came to Latvia in 1994 for a few months, but I was so enchanted by the place I stayed for good around. I've worked as a journalist, translated many books from Latvian to English, and have been a tour guide since 2013.


getting around

Dark blue Opel Zafira hatchback against yellow canola field and blue sky
Zafira outside...

As well as my walking tours in Riga and Jūrmala, I also offer longer trips in my car to Sigulda, Ķemeri National Park, Kurzeme, as well as half day Soviet Riga excursions.

Interior of Opel Zafira car with six passenger seats
...and inside

My car is a very roomy Opel Zafira hatchback. Four passengers can sit in the standard configuration, and there are two additional seats in the luggage area.

excursions for disabled people

White miniman dspecialised for disabled travellers loading a young man in a wheelchair
Difftravel wheelchair access

I can conduct tours in my car for moderately disabled people. However, if you require a specialised vehicle, I can arrange a tour with transportation provided by the Latvian company Difftravel

White minivan with specialised disabled access
Difftravel minivan

Please contact me for more information about this service.

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your latvian adventure starts here!

Girl sitting on multicoloured life sized toy train in green meadow in Latgale, Latvia
Full steam ahead!


Join my tours in Riga, Jūrmala and around Latvia to explore Old Riga's cobblestone streets, Art Nouveau magic or all the sights of the city. Or get a glimpse of Soviet Riga.


Enjoy a bracing Jūrmala walk or a day experiencing the resort.


And admire Sigulda's scenery or Kurzeme's manors.