Latvia's eastern borderland
Latvian Roadtrips · 07. August 2023
An account of a trip through Latvia's eastern border region, Latgale. As well as geopolitical intrigue, there are stunning lakes, rich culture and incredibly friendly people.

Zvārde Bombing Range
Latvian Road Trips · 03. July 2023
For 40 years, Zvārde Parish was used by the Soviet military for bombing target practice. Today, it is a stunning wilderness, with moving monuments to this sad history.

Latvia's Livonian Coast
Latvian Road Trips · 22. June 2023
Latvia's remote north-west coast is a natural haven of forests and pristine beaches. It's also the traditional home of the Livs, one of the world's tinniest nations. Throw in some bizarre Soviet military relics and you have a road trip like no other in Europe.

The history of beer in Riga
Latvian Food · 16. June 2023
Latvians have loved beer for thousands of years, and the amber nectar continues flowing to this day. More than just a drink, it's a way of life and a way to communicate with the gods.

Historic Riga hotels
12. April 2023
Riga today is a major tourism destination but where did farmers, merchants and pilgrims stay when they came to town in earlier times? Plus reviews of five Riga hotels with amazing histories.

Latvian Easter traditions
Latvian Food · 05. April 2023
Latvians have a rich array of Easter traditions, including whacking each other with willows, painting eggs and swinging on swings to keep the mosquitos away. Find out what's behind these pagan customs

The First Latvian Architect
Riga architects · 12. March 2023
Riga's elegant boulevard district was in large part designed by the brilliant architect Jānis Frīdrihs Baumanis. Rising from humble origins, he not only built a new city, he set the Latvian nation on the path to independence by starting the Song Festival tradition. Latvia's parliament, the music academy, the circus and dozens of other lovely structures created by him still grace Riga today.

Riga Black Balsam
Latvian Food · 05. March 2023
The intriguing history of Latvia's national drink Riga Black Balsam, and five top places in Riga to sip cocktails with the bitter black potion.

Riga Witch Hunts
Riga History · 14. February 2023
A brief history of witch hunts in Riga, looking at Latvian magical beliefs, infamous trials and execution sites in the city.

Latvia's First Song Festival
Riga History · 02. February 2023
Latvia's Song Festivals are one of the world's great musical events. Here's the story of the first one ever back in 1873, which had a profound effect on the country and its tune-loving people.

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