Sigulda Full Day Tour

Red brick Turaida Castle buildings with snow
Turaida Castle

Just 50 km east of Riga, Sigulda is a natural paradise that has soothed the souls of city slickers for more than a century.

It offers the awesome landscapes of the Gauja National Park, legendary castles and adrenaline pumping adventures like the world-class bobsleigh track. It is a mecca for hikers, artists and anyone seeking inspiration and connection with nature. And on this tour, we will get a taste of this beautiful haven!

Red bobsleigh with white Latvian ethnographic symbols at Sigulda bobsleigh track
Latvian bobsleigh in Sigulda

Our first stop is the famous Sigulda bobsleigh track. It provides spectacular views of the national park, and on weekends you can choose to go down the bob (see below for more details)..




After this, we will visit lovely restored Sigulda New Castle, whose interior is an Art Deco masterpiece.

Sigulda Livonian Order Castle ruins with snow
Sigulda's Livonian Order Castle

Next door, the ruins of the medieval Livonian Order Castle are an evocative journey back in time.

Gutman's Cave in Sigulda with snow
Gutman's Cave

Next we drive to to the Gauja river valley and see legendary Gutman's Cave and discover the story of the Turaida Rose, a maiden who gave up her life for love.

Turaida Castle towers with snow against blue sky
Turaida Castle

Then we go to the top of the valley on the other side to Turaida Museum Park for the restored medieval castle.

Large stone sculpture of a bearded man's head at the Hill of Folk Songs in Sigulda
The Hill of Folk Songs

We will also enjoy the Hill of Folk Songs, a unique park of sculptures embodying Latvian culture and mythology.

Transport and Costs

  • I will pick you up from your hotel in Riga or Jurmala and bring you back.
  • The tour takes about 5 hours.
  • The price of the tour is 270 euros for one person, 300 euros for two people, 330 euros for three people, 360 euros for four people, 400 euros for five people and 430 euros for six people.
  • This covers transportation, guide service, and entry to all venues.
  • We will have Latvian food for lunch at a bistro near Sigulda. This will cost 10-12 euros per person. This is not included in the tour price.
  • If the tour is on a weekend, there will be an opportunity to go down the bobsleigh in a winter or summer passenger bob driven by an expert driver. This is not included in the tour price. The cost is 20 euros per person.
  • Bring some cash for souvenirs.

map of sigulda full day tour

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