Riga Visitor Information

Here are some of my tips of great places to wine and dine after your tour. And some more sights to explore in Riga.

Eating and Drinking in Riga

Girl with long dark hair and hat with yellow ribbon strumming a giant guitar at rock cafe in Riga
Old Riga live music
  • Mārtiņa Beķereja (Valņu iela 28) does tasty pīrāgi and vējakūka cream cakes to die for at a bargain price. Ideal for breakfast, lunch or just a treat.
  • Zviedru vārti (Torņa iela 4) is a family-owned restaurant serving Latvian soul food like grey peas with bacon and potato pancakes with salmon. The terrace is lovely on a warm afternoon.
  • Lāsīte (Aklā iela 2) is an ancient medieval cellar doing Latvian classics and game dishes. Their ķiploku grauzdiņi (rye garlic bread) is the best in town and the perfect beer snack.
  • My Beer (Alksnāja iela 10/12) is the biggest beer salon in the Baltics. Explore 600 brews for a reasonable price in a historic interior.
  • Egle (corner of Kaļķu iela and Tirgoņu iela) is Old Town's liveliest beer garden in summer. Live music and dancing most nights.
  • Skyline Bar (26th floor of Hotel Latvija) has the hands down best views of Riga.Grab a Rigatini and drink in the scenery.
  • Black Magic (Kaļķu iela 10) is a nice, historic-themed place to sample the city's official tipple Riga Black Balsam. Down a Black Shooter or a Riga Coffee with the mysterious potion.

WC sign with Riga Opera House in background
Front row seat at the opera

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map of eating and drinking in riga

More Sights in Riga

  • Riga Central Market is a vast, lively space offering local fruit, cheese, beer, bread, fish and much more in five zeppelin hangars.
  • The National Art Museum of Latvia (Jaņa Rozentāla laukums 1) has a rich collection of Latvian art, and the grand building dating from 1905 is a masterpiece in itself. 
  • The former KGB Headquarters (Brīvības iela 61) gives a deep dive into Latvia's brutal 20th century history. Get your tickets for a tour of the cellars by the museum's guides.
  •  Riga Motor Museum (take trolleybus 14 to the stop "S.Eizenšteina iela") is a fun, interactive venue full of historic cars, including ones that belonged to Stalin and Brezhnev. Well worth the trip to Soviet-era suburbia.

map of more sights in riga

Riga Neighbourhoods

  • Mežaparks is home to Riga Zoo (take bus no. 11T to the stop "Mežaparks/ Zoo") and boasts miles of hiking and biking trails, beautiful Art Nouveau mansions and the Song Festival arena.
  • Āgenskalns has lots of pretty wooden houses, a bustling, recently restored market (tram no. 2 to the "Āgenskalna tirgus" stop), cultural events at the Kalnciems Quarter and a lively cafe and bar scene.
  • Maskačka (stroll east of the Central Market) is an old working class district with the Stalinist high-rise Academy of Science, the ruins of the Great Choral Synagogue and Latgalīte flea market.
  • Also, the seaside resort Jurmala is a fantastic day trip just 30 minutes by train from Riga. Join my Jurmala Free Walking Tour!

map of riga neighbourhoods