Testimonials About Latvia Free Tours

Tour guide Philip Birzulis with five guests inside a Riga bar
Post-tour refreshments

"I've been on several of Philip's tours in Old Riga and the Art Nouveau area, and very highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and entertaining. My Danish partners who have been on his tours have loved them too."

Antra Linarte, Riga


" Over the past ten years I have visited Europe's best kept secret destination, Riga Latvia, many times for both business and recreation. During which I have attended four of Mr. Birzulis's guided tours. And I look forward to the next one. As it is his ongoing research into the country of Latvia which continues to uncover not only rich historical details of a little understood part of the world, but also an informed contemporary perspective of Latvia's position in the geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe. A satisfying story teller with great command of the knowledge on the subject of which he holds forth. Highly recommended." Lucas Liepins, Hornby Island, B.C., Canada


 "What a great tour!!!!! 
Our guide had a remarkable memory for details and extensive knowledge of Latvian arts, history and culture. He brought to vivid life the stories of the people who have lived here has a voice that carries and it’s perfect for being heard over traffic and general city hubbub. He also has a great sense of humour and a natural sense of theatre. This tour transformed the way I look at the city of Riga."
Sarah Chase, Canada


"I have done several free tours around Rīga with Filips. I can highly recommend joining him on a tour! He is full of captivating stories and brings the history of this beautiful city alive. A tour with Filips is time very well spent!"

Alice Kristovskis, between Melbourne and Riga


"Philip is the ideal guide, very knowledgeable, natural, with a wonderful sense of humour. His tours are like visiting places with a friend. Philip is a great story teller explained and answered questions as we went along. He is friendly and flexible, altering the schedule to suit our needs. Would highly recommend him for any tour."

Kristīne Saulīte, Riga