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Riga free tour guide Philip Birzulis with a group in front of an Art Nouveau building
Happy times in Riga


Discover Riga's stunning Old Town and amazing Central Market on this fascinating tour!
We explore 1,000 years of history, checking out medieval churches, historic warehouses, and icons like the Three Brothers, the Cat House, and the Powder Tower. Did you know Riga has risen by 3 metres over the centuries? That ships have been found under the cobblestones? Or where to find a piece of Venice in Riga? I'll tell you all about this, and many more great stories!
Then we head to the Central Market and its five Zeppelin hangar pavilions. I'll tell you about Latvia's wonderful bread, cheese, pickles, smoked fish, honey and other delicacies. And at the end of the tour, you can have a tasty market lunch if you like.
So, book now to enjoy the finest sights, scents, and tasted in Riga!

Three Brothers medieval building ensemble in Old Riga
Old Riga's Three Brothers

Free tours run on tips to the guide as a thank you for sharing his time, energy, passion and knowledge! Please bring 10 to 50 euros cash as a donation!

Booking your Tour

  • The Old Riga and Central Market Free Tour runs all year round. Click the booking button below to reserve your place via freetour.com.
  • I only accept 15 people per tour to keep it nice and cosy and so everyone can enjoy exploring the city to the full.
  • Booking is free of charge. If you can't make the tour, please cancel your booking so someone else can join.

Tour Starting Point

  • The tour starts in front of St. Peter's Church in Old Riga.
  • I will be wearing an orange cap (or ski hat in winter) so you can easily recognise me.
  • The tour goes for about 2.5 hours and ends in Riga Central Market. 
  • In cold weather, we make indoor stops to warm up.

Map of Old riga and central market free tour starting point

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