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About the Tour

Riga free tour guide Philip Birzulis with a group in front of an Art Nouveau building
Riga Art Nouveau exuberance

Latvia's capital Riga is a beautiful city, with a dramatic history and fascinating stories! 

The Best of Riga Free Walking Tour is a journey through the city's story, from the medieval Old Town to the stunning Art Nouveau district. Starting from Alberta laukums, where humans first settled in Riga 1,000 years ago, we discover St. Peter's Church and its rise from the ashes, the House of Blackheads and the world's first Christmas tree, the legendary Cat House, magnificent Doma Cathedral, the Three Brothers and much more.


We then explore the early 20th century New Town, including Latvia's beloved Freedom Monument, lovely Bastejkalns Park, and the famous Alberta iela gallery of Art Nouveau buildings.

Three Brothers medieval building ensemble in Old Riga
Old Riga's Three Brothers

Free tours run on tips to the guide as a thank you for sharing his time, energy, passion and knowledge! Please bring 10 to 50 euros cash as a donation!

Booking your Tour

  • The Best of Riga Free Walking Tour runs all year round on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The starting time is 10:00 am.
  • I only accept 15 people per tour to keep it nice and cozy and so everyone can enjoy exploring the city to the full.
  • Booking is open up to the night before the tour. Booking is free of charge. If you can't make the tour, please cancel your booking so someone else can join.

Tour Starting Point

  • The tour starts on Alberta laukums, a square on the edge of the Old Town, near the central bus and train stations and the airport bus stop.
  • I will be wearing an orange cap (or ski hat in winter) so you can easily recognise me! 
  • The tour goes for about 2.5 hours and ends outside the Riga Art Nouveau Museum. 
  • In cold weather, we make indoor stops to warm up.

Map of riga free tour starting point

Personalised Walking Tours in Riga

Facade of a Riga Art Nouveau building with stone sculptures of humans
Riga Art Nouveau characters

I can guide the Best of Riga Free Tour personally for your group. The cost is 120 for the group and the duration of the tour is 2.5 hours.


Or you can choose to see the city in smaller stages. A tour of just the Old Town covers St. Peter's Church, the House of Blackheads, the Cat House, Doma Cathedral, the Opera House and much more. Cost: 90 euros, duration: 1.5 hours.


Or an Art Nouveau District tour covering the Latvian Freedom Monument, Bastejkalns Park, the Alberta iela gallery of Art Nouveau, and more. Cost: 90 euros, duration: 1.5 hours.

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